Frequently Asked Questions about RSS and Sermon Downloads

  1. IE Version 7.0 (and later) and Mozilla Firefox have been tested and are working. IE6.0 does not support RSS.
  2. What are RSS feeds? - a basic definition is that RSS gives web content providers a way to push content to subscribers so that they do not have to always search the web site for new documents -in our case, MP3s of the sermons.
  3. How can I use Apple iTunes? - It is easy to add the RSS for the Grace North Atlanta sermons so that you can use ITunes as your subscription service if you choose.
  4. Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, have apps that can subscribe to RSS feeds such as RSS Radio for iPhone and SimpleReader for Android (both are free and are available on the Apple Store and Google Play, respectively). Feedly is another good RSS reader and is available for both iPhone and Android.